Born and raised on a ranch in rural Oregon, I’m a lover of horses and cattle. (Don’t tell my horses, but cows are my favorite…) The same 90’s country playlist is always on repeat. On the weekends you can most likely find me on the trail, out line dancing, or in bed by 9pm. There is no inbetween.

with Jamie Lee

I’m constantly dreaming of a life where I get to ride every. Single. Day.

Life Out WEST

My family homestead is a 1,500 acre timber and cattle ranch nestled into the coastal forest of Oregon. I was lucky enough to know what it means to be raised in the country, and my roots run deep.

rural raised

My roots run deep . . .


As a seasoned cattle rancher, horseback rider, country western dance instructor, and outdoor educator, I have been able to carve out a niche for myself in the world of photography. 

"Love is always patient + kind"

"The American West is alive and well, and I'm out to capture every moment of it."

Perfect. I’ll tack your horse and we’ll see you in 10. I also provide posing that flatters you AND your horse. (I will also do RIDICULOUS things to get those ears forward. Not sorry.) My posing instructions are specific and make sense to horse people because I am a horse person. Growing up on a cattle ranch provided me with a knowledge base and passion for telling stories of the wild west - from horse girls to ranch families - I want to tell your story. 

and the Horse.

The perks of having me capture you and your horse? I know horses and I know the western life. Wanna do some photos with a styled outfit and then change into a riding outfit?


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